How to Write a Dissertation: Total Guide

Dissertation writing is one of the difficult tasks on the academic calendar. Before graduating from a master's or Ph.D. program, a student is required to write and present a dissertation for evaluation. The marks obtained is then added to your general scores for grading. Are you having difficulty in writing your academic, follow the steps below.

Preparatory reading

Reading widely is critical if you want to write an efficient and effective dissertation. You need to do thorough research and read more literature related to the chosen subject. It is also critical to jot down the main points of the works you read and attach their sources for easy access.

Choosing a Language

The language you use depends on the country and university you find yourself in. If it is mandatory to use the English language, but you are not a native speaker, then you may have to seek help. After writing, you will need a professional to proofread and edit before sending it to your supervisor. Sending a poorly written dissertation to your supervisor will delay the process since he may have to deal with your writing style and the technical side, which is most important.


Using the right words and grammar is very important when writing a dissertation. Here is what to consider:


It to best to use present tense when making references to previous works by other authors. On the other hand, use past tense when referring to your findings. However, there is an exception; in case you cite these previous experiments/findings by others in the past tense, the results must be of previous experiments in the present tense.


it is better to use active voice instead of passive. Using passive voice makes the sentence wordy compared to active voice. Use: “the science field is full of innovations now” instead of “there have been several innovations on the science field now.”


It is preferred to always write in the first person singular. However, there are times you have no other option but to write in the second or third person. That said, writing in the first or second person is still acceptable.


Please write in the formal style

A dissertation is meant to be a formal document; hence, it should be written as such. You can write in the first person singular, which is the best; however, bear in mind your audience. The dissertation is meant for academia, and no informal tendencies are entertained. Also, instead of don’t write, do not, etc.


it is no crime to repeat what you’ve said before when writing a dissertation. You can repeat some sentences and points as and when it is needed. However, you need to rephrase them and not copy and paste. For example, a point you made in the introduction can be repeated in conclusion but written differently.


All essential points should be made in the main text; if it doesn’t fit there, then it is not essential. Don’t use your footnotes as an extension of the project. So, you overuse the footnote or making remaking in parenthesis.


Proper referencing is critical when writing a dissertation. You need to be abreast with the style of your university.

Simple sentences:

Long sentences can be confusing and difficult to follow and make the statement complex. Make your sentences short and easy to read.


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